DEEMO THE MOVIE Global Audition for Theme Song Singer!

The theme song artist for DEEMO THE MOVIE will be selected through an international open audition!
The theme song music and lyrics are by acclaimed musician/composer, Yuki Kajiura.

Application form

Domestic (Japan) applications


(YouTube & bilibili accepted as well)

International applications

YouTube ,bilibili

How to apply


-Download the KARASTA app and upload your performance of the assigned song.

YouTube ,bilibili

Upload your performance of the assigned song with the following 2 hashtags:
#deemo #deemomovie_utahime

Audition Song

Assigned song:“inside a dream”(song featured in DEEMO THE MOVIE)

Music/Lyrics by Yuki Kajiura. Song by Joelle.

*The original song is performed in words coined by Yuki Kajiura, but applicants are free to change the lyrics. Humming is accepted as well.

Download the instrumental
version of the assigned song

You can also shift the key to apply, here are the backing track we offered.

-1 Instrumental ver. example

-1 Instrumental ver.


-2 Instrumental ver. example

-2 Instrumental ver.


-3 Instrumental ver. example

-3 Instrumental ver.


Of course, you can prepare the other key(with your voice) to apply.


Application Schedule

January 1st – February 29th, 2020:

-Application period.

Early March 2020:

-1st round qualifiers (approx. 30 contestants) will be announced
-Assigned song for the 2nd round will be announced

March – June 2020

2nd round 3rd round Final round
On top of votes by professional judges Yuki Kajiura, Yasuhiro Mori (the film’s music producer), and Pony Canyon’s producers, public fan votes will also be considered. and the total score will determine the qualifiers for these rounds.

Results Announcement

The grand winner of the audition will be announced on July 2020 at ANIME EXPO in L.A.

Original Version
(Sample videos)

Humming Version
(Sample videos)

Lyrical Version (Creative arrangement)
(Sample videos)

Stay tuned

As the question of audition

DEEMO THE MOVIE “UtaHime” audition office